Ariana Grande meets The Beatles after 55 years. Claims Top 3 on Billboard Hot 100

It took 55 years to meet Beatles feat for Ariana Grande. To be in Top 3 of Billboard Hot 100 songs simultaneously, the Beatles achieved this in 1964. Their songs were in Top 3 for five weeks continuously from March 14 to April 25 in 1964.

Beatles cover for their 1964 album "can't buy me love"
“Can’t Buy Me Love” released by The BEatles in 1964, stay atop Billboard’s Hot 100 Songs. Top 3 for five weeks. And later they occupy all top five.

Now Ariana Grande turn to register this feat. Her latest studio album “Thank U. Next” released on 8th February 2019. Two days before the Grande vs Producers controversy clad Grammy Awarding ceremony.

Number One: “7 Rings” Its keep staying in very top of Hot 100 for now fourth week. Also this single leads the digital Streaming Songs Chart with 63.5 US streams and in the Radio Songs it leads up 23 percent with 61.7 million impressions.

Ariana Grande in her single 7 Rings from the studio album 'Thank U. Next'
7 Rings keep the number one position in all areas. The digital streaming, radio broadcasting etc.

Number Two: “Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored” Ariana’s second single from the studio album “Thank U. Next” maintains its ‘second’ in all aspects. It blast into second position on release date 8th February itself, still maintain the same place. As it is Grande’s 13th single make to Billboard’s Top 10 Chart, it makes second at digital streaming with 59.2 million and also second Radio Songs with  13.4 million impressions.

Ariana Grande in her single from the studio album "Thank U. Next"
‘Thank U. Next’ albums second single “break up with your girlfriend. Im bored” by Ariana Grande maintains its second position from date of its release date 8th February 2019

Number Two: “Next” ‘Thank U, Next’s title track and lead single Next was entered  the Top 10 Chart at 7th position and climbed to 3rd position to complete Ariana’s Triple Feat! It is also doing great in  Streaming Songs Chart with 36.8 million U.S. streams.

After Madonna and Ruby Murray, Grande Now Shaking UK charts!

Ariana Grande in her single Break Up with Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored in album Thank U. Next
Ariana Grande’s new single Break Up with Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored from album Thank U. Next taken fist place in top 10 chart

“Break Up with Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored” is knocked Grande’s own “7 Rings” from first place to second place in UK Charts. This makes Ariana Grande, first US female singer, to exchange first two places with her own singles.

Ariana Grande from 7 Rings single
“7 Rings” hold top position in charts until Ariana Grande’s own “Break Up with Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored” released to occupy first position

Previously in UK charts history, the top two positions were occupied by the same artist was happened to Madonna in 1985, with her singles Into the Groove” and “Holiday.” But they did not clash each other as they released on same date.

Ariana Grande from her single Needy
“If you take too long to hit me back
I can’t promise you how I’ll react”

Now, Ariana Grande’s another track “Needy” entered eighth place on its release on February 8, 2019. This makes her three singles in UK Charts after Ruby Murray in the year 1955 to hold three singles in top 10  at same week.

Nearly Ariana Grande broke Madonna’s record after 33 years and Ruby Murray’s record whooping 64 years.

Though Ms Grande decided to stay away from Grammy gala event, due to misunderstanding with its organisers, it did not hurt  her popularity. Now her singles occupy three places (1,2 and 8) in UK Chart top 10.

According to the Official Charts Company, “Thank U. Next” holding great position, it is outselling top five albums altogether. Taking into consideration of gap between her two albums. – Ariana Grande’s previous album “Sweetener” released just on August 2018 – is only six months.

Ariana Grande Most Subscribed Female Artist on YouTube

Surpassing Taylor Swift  and Katy Perry, both with 31.X Million, Ariana Grande with  exactly at 32,564,105  subscribers. Now she is the most subscribed female musician on Youtube. She is currently only behind three Male artists Eminem – 36 Million, Ed Sheeran – 37 Million and Justin Bieber with 43 Million subscribers.

Ariana Grande reached 32.5 Million Subscribers on Youtube
Ariana Grande reached 32.5 Million Subscribers on Youtube, surpassing Taylor Swift and Katy Perry

Overall ranking for Ariana Grande is at 13th place, Most-subscribed channels in Youtube.

Her music video ‘7 Rings’ also recorded 16 Million views in just 3 weeks and keeps its place as biggest debut in 2019. ‘7 Rings’ audio file for same received 21,928,404 views.

Ariana Grande single 7 Rings from her Album: Thank U, Next
Ariana Grande latest mega hit single ‘7 Rings’ from her Studio Album: Thank U, Next.

“Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored” has reached  54,539,917 views on fifth day of its release. It is so far a record for largest premiere of 2019, likely to retain it.

Ariana Grande still from her latest studio album:"Thank U, Next" single 'Break up with your girlfriend '
Screen shot from single “Break up with your girlfriend, I am bored’ latest Ariana Grande album “Thank U. Next”