Ariana Praises her ‘Big Brother’ Frankie on his Successful Completion of 20 months of Sobriety!

Ariana with her half-brother Frankie
Ariana Grande face-to-face with her half-brother Frankie Grande

Ariana tweeted on this Sunday congratulating her ‘Big Brother’ Frankie for being sober for 20 months. She was emotional when she  praised his efforts “happy. twenty. months. been staring at this drafting n deleting bc everything i write makes me cry.” Further she complimented him “jus know i think you’re a superhero and u make me v proud”  and “everyone knows how hard this is and how strong you’ve been. ” As a  very touching final greetings on his achievement, where many people fail to achieve “congratulations and thank god.

Twitter post by Ariana and thanking post by Frankie Grande
Big Brother star Frankie Grande was praised by Ariana heartening twitter post

For this adoring post from the ‘sweetner‘ pop star Ariana Grande, Frankie in his thanking reply “thank u ariana. i love u with all of my heart…” Further in his post he mention how important is Ariana role in his accomplishment, “know that i couldn’t have done it without ur support. u being there for me has completely helped me get through every step of this journey. i am so happy we have each other. we are so blessed. i am so grateful.” Frankie’s concluding line says “u r my best friend.

From June 2018 Frankie Grande starting ‘Sobernity Stand’ from abusing prescription drugs and alcohol.

Old photo of Frankie and ariana
Golden times. Pop star Ariana with Big Brother star Frankie


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