Ariana Grande Most Subscribed Female Artist on YouTube

Surpassing Taylor Swift  and Katy Perry, both with 31.X Million, Ariana Grande with  exactly at 32,564,105  subscribers. Now she is the most subscribed female musician on Youtube. She is currently only behind three Male artists Eminem – 36 Million, Ed Sheeran – 37 Million and Justin Bieber with 43 Million subscribers.

Ariana Grande reached 32.5 Million Subscribers on Youtube
Ariana Grande reached 32.5 Million Subscribers on Youtube, surpassing Taylor Swift and Katy Perry

Overall ranking for Ariana Grande is at 13th place, Most-subscribed channels in Youtube.

Her music video ‘7 Rings’ also recorded 16 Million views in just 3 weeks and keeps its place as biggest debut in 2019. ‘7 Rings’ audio file for same received 21,928,404 views.

Ariana Grande single 7 Rings from her Album: Thank U, Next
Ariana Grande latest mega hit single ‘7 Rings’ from her Studio Album: Thank U, Next.

“Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored” has reached  54,539,917 views on fifth day of its release. It is so far a record for largest premiere of 2019, likely to retain it.

Ariana Grande still from her latest studio album:"Thank U, Next" single 'Break up with your girlfriend '
Screen shot from single “Break up with your girlfriend, I am bored’ latest Ariana Grande album “Thank U. Next”


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